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photosbyroncino | Floral photography

Biography and Links


roncino is the name created and influenced by this photographer's love for salsa music, dancing and the Latin culture.

I am an avid photographer whose interest in photography began over forty years while I was studying to become a psychologist. A friend loaned me a camera that would change my life forever. It was during those years when I discovered that many of the photos that I took calmed me down and often took away the academic stresses that I was experiencing.

"Over these years, I have taken many classes on photographic topics and techniques. I spend lots of time talking to photographers and learning from them. The continual purchase of photographic magazines and books have also been an invaluable resource. I realize that I can learn from each photo that I take. Thus, I will always pursue ways to explore and to develop my expertise, as I travel on my personal photographic journey."

"Gardening is also a passion of mine. I have learned to combine my love for photography with gardening to create some extraordinary pictures of flowers. I think about my flowers all year round, and as the season changes; I would become sad as frost and eventually winter arrived. I could not save all the flowers or bring them all indoors, I thought I could keep them alive at least in my mind by photographing them. This was the beginning of my photographic journey."

Photography has given me a chance to be creative. I never thought or imagined myself as an artist until I looked at the photographic work I was producing. Friends and strangers who have seen my photos have suggested that I share them. In my photos, I often include some garden ornaments that are surrounded by flowers. In this exhibit, I would like to introduce "Mr. Piggy", "The Birds, "and "Ethel Mae's Quack Quacks."

"May the 'photosbyroncino' give you enjoyment and a tranquil experience as you view them."

Artist Statement

One day as I was preparing a lecture for my Cross Cultural Psychology at Bentley University, I came upon the Eastern cultural concept of "face giving," which is often how I feel about my photographic work. It is suggested that face giving in collectivistic societies is generally deemed to be overly drawing attention to one self to talk about one's accomplishments. It is much more culturally appropriate to be humble about one's accomplishments and allow others to discuss your accomplishments. (Lim, 1994; Ting-Toomey & Cocroft, 1994) I can relate to this concept. Just recently at an art gallery opening, I was introduced to a few people and was immediately asked if I was an artist. As, I was hesitating to give an answer, a friend over heard the conversation and answered "yes, he is an artist." My friend's response felt more comforting and it saved me from answering the question. I want my work to speak for itself. I want my work to make people think and question. I also want people to give their interpretation of what they think I was trying to accomplish in my work.

Site #11
Brooks School, 388 High Street