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Marcia Rottenberg | Hand beaded jewelry and curiosities

Artist Statement

Flow | When I was a young child, I had a recurring dream. A witch lived in the closet next to my bed. She guarded treasure chests overflowing with emeralds, diamonds, and rubies. I loved scooping up the jewels and feeling them flow through my fingers as they fell back into the chests.

My astrologer friend told me, “You enjoy working in mediums that flow.” Years ago I dabbled in watercolor and beaded jewelry as gifts. So began my renewed interest in hand beaded jewelry.

Beads have been a part of all cultures for 40,000 years! Glass was invented in Egypt about 9,000 years ago. In 1292, Venetian glass makers were moved to the island of Murano so they could not reveal the secrets of glass making. Regions of the Czech Republic have been renowned for their glass making since the Fourteenth Century.

My joy is combining beads gathered from the world over and creating adornments for others to enjoy. I have learned that if I love a bead, buy it. It won’t be available later. My original designs include glass from Europe, China, India, Japan and Africa, silver from Bali, Thailand, and Turkey, and carved bone from Bali and China. My inspiration comes from the color of textiles and paintings, the mysteries of the changing seasons, and my speech-language students. ¬†Some are bold and some are delicate. ¬†

I am grateful to the bead artisans around the world for providing these "jewels."

I now understand my friend’s message. A good piece flows.

Site #5
25 Kilgore Avenue