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Leili Towfigh | Ceramics, painting and jewelry

Biography and Links

Leili Towfigh is a Persian/English/American artist born and raised in West Medford, MA. She is a potter, painter, photographer, jewelry designer, writer, filmmaker, educational technologist, user experience researcher, collector of friends, words, flowers, stones, leaves and shells, and also a citizen of the world. She has loved to paint, draw and build things since always.

Artist Statement

I'm a lover of art, science and soul, and have been lucky to find various media to express those loves: clay, paint, pixel, beads, film, and words. I’m enchanted by the rich artistic traditions of my parents' home countries—England and Iran—and create work inspired by them, as well as math, music, architecture, biomimicry, nature, design and particular people.

Eventually, all the cumulative walks in nature and creatures and birds I have spotted seem to make it into my work. Music is a template for my patterns. It enables me to distract my brain enough to achieve a state of flow.

I love the idea of leaving behind a physical object as the material marker of an intangible moment, emotion, or piece of my soul. For example, however a ceramic piece reveals itself in the final firing (a number of them turn out broken, fused to the kiln shelf or another piece, with faulty glaze, and other unpleasant surprises) it is a marker in time; it memorializes a period and emotion in life, and serves as an eloquent teacher for future learning.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm a user experience research and design consultant for innovative startups. I also try to help build community, and spend time looking at art of all kinds. Growing up in a diverse creative environment breeds love for making and appreciating art. In turn, it’s fun to encourage other people to participate in art and creativity, which I believe is everyone's right.

Site #7
51 Harvard Avenue