Registration for 2017 is closed. Registration for 2018 will open in the fall of 2018 - watch this space!

To exhibit work in West Medford Open Studios, you must complete a registration form and submit it with your registration fee. The fee includes:

We invite artists from within and outside of West Medford to show your work and interact with the public at this two-day event. Participating artists can exhibit in their homes or studios located within West Medford. If you do not live or have a studio in West Medford, we will assign you a site where you will share space with other artists. Artists must indicate their need for space on the registration form. The WMOS committee will work with you to select compatible sites if you need space.


For Writers

West Medford Open Studios includes writers who read from their own work. We are looking for writers who want to read their short stories, novel excerpts, poetry, or essays in front of appreciative audiences.

Each writer will read several times during the Open Studios. The specific schedule depends on the number of writers who will be taking part.

Writers will be located at one of the Open Studios sites. If you live in West Medford, you can volunteer to host the readings.

In your WMOS application, please tell us what type of material you will be presenting. Samples are welcome.

For Performers

If you are interested in participating in the West Medford Open Studios and perform "live," you must complete a WMOS registration form. Additionally, an appropriate site match needs to be established, either at your home/studio or at a host site within West Medford. You need to be able to provide the following information in order for us to match you to this event: