Ted Adams holds a BA from Syracuse University in Writing for Television, Radio, and Film and an MFA from Emerson College in Creative Writing. A former member of Jerome Street Studios and photographer participant in West Medford Open Studios, Ted is happy to be allowed to just use the backyard this year.

Artist Statement

According to the About section of his website,, "Ted is a thinker, a creative, a photographer, and a writer. Living comfortably in the worlds of numbers, letters, colors, and shapes." Having participated in past WMOS events as a writer and a photographer, this year Ted will reveal a newly conceived outdoor installation based on a photography series he has been growing for nearly a decade, "Rules for Little Boys."

The series explores American society through the encounters of a boy thwarted by posted restrictions. The rules are either a daily illustration of the nanny state or a defensive marker of how litigious our society has become. They act as both appropriate cautions for little boys and ridiculous restrictions on adults who possess the judgment of little boys.

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