Terry is a gifted writer and speaker who graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Fisk University with a bachelor’s degree in English. He also completed a graduate fellowship in Mass Communications at Boston University. He currently directs Elder Services for the historic community center in his hometown of West Medford, MA. Terry E. Carter has been writing and developing his craft for decades. He is a classically-trained poet whose literary influences range from Shakespeare to the Harlem Renaissance. He is also a professional editor who has helped other authors and writers craft everything from "how-to" books to doctoral dissertations. Terry is actively engaged in diverse free-lance writing projects, including web-based content development and marketing collateral.

Terry is a husband, a father, a teacher, a visual artist and a jazz aficionado. He enjoys taking contemporary life and faith experiences and translating them into word pictures that engage people in a truly unique way. His literary influences are family, race, education, and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He lives just south of Boston, MA with his wife Terésa, an ordained pastor and liturgical dance minister. They have an adult daughter, Maya, who recently graduated from Hofstra University’s acclaimed Theater program and is currently a working actress, living in Brooklyn, New York.

Terry published his first volume of poetry, entitled Brown Skin and the Bread of Life: A Poet’s Journey in late 2010. Then, in May of 2014, he published his second book of verse, Brown Skin and the Beautiful Faith: A Poet’s Reflection. His third book in the trilogy, Brown Skin and the Brand New Day: A Poet’s Renaissance, was released in late October of 2016.

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