Linda Dolph — Weaver & Printmaker

As a retired art teacher, currently working as an Art Therapist, I devote my personal expression to weaving and printmaking. I was initially drawn to both mediums due to the spontaneity with which I approached them as well as the ability to work freely with color and pattern. Lately, I work toward more control in my final products.

Artist's Statement


I began my weaving career on a Saori loom with the philosophy of spontaneity and freedom. I am in the process of transitioning to a more traditional loom to work on larger pieces and expand my knowledge and skills.


In creating monotypes, I use a gelatin printing plate with a variety of found, natural, cut, stamped and stenciled items. I have expanded the way I present my monotype prints by sometimes adding pencil/marker, or making adjustments on my computer with a photoshop program. Stories often evolve in my mind during creation or when studying them after the fact.

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