Jewelz on Demand is a female owned business. I am the owner and the creative mind of Jewelz on Demand.

I am a a mother of two and a trained nurse of over 23 years. My personality has always been to help others. However after having been a nurse for such a long time, I think that I would be able to serve others in a different way. I thought it would be a good idea to develop my artistic side.

The idea to create beaded fashion jewelry for women came about when I wanted to purchase colorful beaded jewelry to take with me on my vacation to the carribean. Unfortunately the options were limited. I am from a culture that appreciates vibrant colors. I started making colorful beaded jewelry, with a focus on cluster jewelry, and selling them to friends.

I am now in business for just over 2 years but was registered as a business in February 2015. I am now at the place where I am working on scaling the business. My plan is to find myself in a place where Jewelz on Demand would have all of my attention.

I invite you to try my product. You would not regret it.

Artist Statement

I hand make beautiful beaded fashion jewelry for women of any age. The jewelry are colorful and can dress up any outfit. They are well made and the packaging is lovely. We provide an experience when you wear our jewelry.

Try us today.

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