Tony Fenn is a self taught artist and the ability to paint and sculpt came as a complete surprise to him.

Tony says that, "I began dabbling with my 7 year old daughter's play paints and as a joke my wife bought me a painting set for Christmas. I found that I could paint without the need for any lessons, an uncanny feeling. For 15 years I have been on a journey to explore art and have sold many paintings and sculptures.

Tony has lived in the same house in Medford for 30 years and has created an impressive gallery of painting and sculptures. It is well worth a visit.

Artist Statement

This year's Open Studio brings more of a focus on my sculpture, although you will see many of my landscape and portrait paintings.

I have been an avid fisherman all my life. "One of my fondest memories was when I was 10 and went night fishing with my Dad Jim on a beach in England, with a roaring fire to keep warm and we pulled in huge fighting cod".

I have also done over 50 scuba dives in the last two years, searching for sharks teeth off Venice, FL and diving with reef and nurse sharks in the Bahamas.

I have taken this love of the ocean and hammered, shaped and welded steel to create beautiful metal fish art.

​ Check out my creations at

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