Artist Statement

I am by profession a scientist and teacher, but I've always had a passion for photography and have been making photographs for more than 50 years. My efforts to control print making from exposure to finished print date back to the first ink-jet printers. I currently use Epson printers and archival Ultrachrome inks. Thanks to wonderful new papers I’m currently rediscovering the rich, evocative potential of monochrome images.

I am rarely without a camera and while I occasionally travel to interesting places, my first love is capturing the mystery and beauty of the ordinary, the invisible, the overlooked. To quote Gary Winograd:”I take photographs so that I can see how something looks in a photograph”. Although the camera is unexcelled at capturing a moment, rendering reality, or producing a document, for me the camera is a kind of Kokopelli, isolating, merging, distorting thus transforming the ordinary into unexpected visions. I hope that I shall always be startled by the ability of this trickster to confuse the eye and puzzle the mind.

Much of my current work involves uncommon techniques - Infrared, Tone mapping, high dynamic range (HDR) and I commonly print on unusual substrates, rice paper, wood, fabrics ranging from the 5 mumi silk to heavy canvas.

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