Kelly Hopkins, artist, is a classically trained singer, science teacher, computer nerd, antique hound, and animal lover. She is a self taught jewelry artist, designer, and repair person. She has years of experience dealing in and repairing various kinds of antiques and vintage items. For more information on her life as a performer please click here: https://kellyandgeoff.com/kelly-a-hopkins-soprano/

Artist Statement

Singing Stones Jewelry is handcrafted in Winthrop, MA of locally sourced, recycled, and vintage materials and all pieces are one of a kind. We also offer a selection of vintage, estate, and antique jewelry and strive to keep discarded, broken, or older pieces from ending up in the waste cycle.

The name Singing Stones Jewelry comes from the intersection of Music & Science. The Singing Stones are a scientific phenomenon on volcanic beaches around the world and, while these stones may not sing, the artist who makes them certainly does.

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