Hilary Tait grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts and was surrounded by a creative family, succeeding generations of Artists.

Hilary graduated from Skidmore College with a Bachelor of Science in Studio Arts with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. In her senior year she was the 2009 recipient of the Jesse Soloman Award for Most Outstanding Painting. After completing her degree Hilary moved to Los Angeles, CA and exhibited her work in several galleries. Her work has been published in an internationally distributed book, magazines, and promoted in online catalogs. In 2014 Hilary returned to the East Coast to exhibit her work in the greater Boston area. Since then her work has shown in Galleries in and around Boston and she is currently represented by Liquid Art House and Webster & Company in the Boston Design Center. This summer Hilary will be joining Lesley University Masters of Fine Arts Program. Lesley University has awarded her their most prestigious scholarship for the MFA Program, the Presidential Award.

Hilary works primarily with oil paints on a large scale. Her work currently follows the complexities of the human mind by translating perception disorders, neuroscience, psychology, the intricacies specific to creative minds, and the analysis of identity with in relationships onto canvas.

Artist Statement

The brain is an analogue machine collecting dirt and breeding malfunction. These symptoms of the ‘glitch in the machine’ are often a substrate for my compositions. Developed from a tactile process my work is parallel to the complex studies of the human mind. Neuroscience, psychology, and perception disorders are strong influences for me. My work is inspired by the brains power to perceive reality differently from person to person.

Layers of research, personal experience, and sophistication with materials build up into paintings that join the Artist, the materials, the visual result and the Audience into a scene of shared perception.

A meaning, an idea, an understanding are incessant.

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