Ted Adams

Ted Adams 15

Antrim Street Studio

Antrim Street Studio 22

Jim Austin - Live Music

Jim Austin 19

Marta Barletta

Marta Barletta 12

Devon Barrett - Framed Photography

Devon Barrett 20

Gail Barry - Pottery

Gail Barry 6

Catherine Bastien - Paper sculptures

Catherine Bastien 22

Beads by Beardslee

Beads by Beardslee 6

David Benyoself

David J. Benyosef 25

Gauri Bhide, guidance for cancer patients

Gauri Bhide 15

Irina Braun

Irina Braun 24

Elinor Brown

Elinor Brown 5

Brick Bottom Leather Works

Brick Bottom Leather Works 6

CACHE in Medford

CACHE in Medford 6

Rosemary Campobasso

Rosemary Campobasso 6

Oliver Caplan

Oliver Caplan 6

Cards by Cherry

Cards by Cherry 23

Terry Carter - Poet

Terry E. Carter 14

Jamie Cascio

Jamie Cascio 2

Cat Antics Studio - Linda Dolph

Cat Antics Studio 6

David Chia - Writer

David Chia 15

Sheila Corkery Jewelry

Sheila Corkery Jewelry 27

Marilyn Davidson

Marilyn Davidson 28

Virginie Doh-Canada

Virginie Doh-Canada 9

John Doherty

John Doherty 6

Richard Feigenberg

Richard Feigenberg 21

Fire Garden Pottery

Fire Garden Pottery 27

Free Fly Bindery

Free Fly Bindery 10

Kristi and Martha Furbush

Kristi & Martha Furbush 23

Gallery at Sanctuary UCC 5

Sarah Gerould 12

Matthew Haberstroh 17

Andrew NOvis - HandyAndyCreations

HandyAndyCreations 1

Francine Hiller

Francine Hiller 21

High Strung Reunion

High Strung Reunion 6

Earl Howard

Earl Howard 20

Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter 10

Insitu Imagery - David Harris

Insitu Imagery 22

Peg Kane

Peg Kane 28

Rolf Larson Photography

Rolf Larson Photography 1

Niels LaWhite - glass blower

Niels LaWhite 14

Dominique Lecomte

Dominique Lecomte 22

Celia Lee

Celia Lee 20

MACI, MARV, Mystic Makerspace

& MARV/Mystic Makerspace 6

Medford Farmers Market

Medford Farmers Market 6

MHS String Ensemble

MHS String Ensemble 6

Shelby Meyerhoff

Shelby Meyerhoff 6

Wendy Jo New Metal Designs

Wendy Jo New Metal Designs 1

NonZero Chance

NonZero Chance 6

Paul Melanson - Notions Handcrafted Jewelry

Notions Handcrafted Jewelry 6

KT Lane O'Brien

KT Lane O'Brien 27

Occasional Brass & Strings

Occasional Brass & Strings 27

Maggie Furtak Pate Ceramics

Pate Ceramics 23

Al and Katrin Peterson

Al and Katrin Peterson 16

Porch Jewelry

Porch Jewelry 6

Porter Squares

Porter Squares 3



Marcia Rottenberg

Marcia Rottenberg 4

Stephanie Schorow

Stephanie Schorow 4

Amy Shinerock

Amy Shinerock 18

Audrey Stanwood

Audrey Stanwood 26

Studio 2W

Studio 2W 7

Tanya the Homestyle Gourmet

Tanya Howard 27

Debbie Taylor-Smith

Debbie Taylor-Smith 26

Peter Todhunter

Peter Todhunter 27

Stephanie Todhunter

Stephanie Todhunter 27

Leili Towfigh

Leili Towfigh 11

Patricia Towfigh

Patricia Towfigh 11

Amantha Tsaros

Amantha Tsaros 27

Veiled Goddess

Veiled Goddess 2

Erik Wilson

Erik Wilson 13

Site Listings

Site #1: 124 Sagamore Avenue

Rolf Larson Photography | Photography

Wendy Jo New Metal Designs | Jewelry: precious metals, gemstones, lapidary, resin

HandyAndyCreations (Andrew Novis) | Paintings, painted woodcarvings and chairs

Site #2: 1420 Mystic Valley Parkway

Jamie Cascio | Shape & culture photography

Veiled Goddess | Jewelry, fine silver

Site #3: 11 Newton Road

The Porter Squares | Live music

Site #4: 25 Kilgore Avenue

Marcia Rottenberg | Beaded jewelry and curiosities; knit scarves

Site #5: UCC Sanctuary, 458 High Street

Elinor Brown | Acrylic on canvas, watercolor, ink paintings

Gallery at Sanctuary UCC | Lakota Artists: Variety of media

Site #6: Brooks School, 388 High Street

Gail Barry | Decorative and functional pottery

Brick Bottom Leather Works | Wood and leather

Gauri Bhide | Cancer guide book

Sarah Beardslee | Hand crafted jewelry and beaded gifts

CACHE in Medford | Coalition for Arts, Culture and Healthy Economy

Rosemary Campobasso | Oil on canvas from 3x3 to 8x10

Oliver Caplan | Classical music composer

John Doherty | Ink cartoons and landscapes

Cat Antics Studio | Saori weaving, giclée prints / cards of monotypes

High Strung Reunion | Six-person bluegrass band

Medford Calling | MHS students covering rock, pop hits, classics

Shelby Meyerhoff | Photographs of face and body painting

MACI | MACI, MARV, Mystic Makerspace

Medford Farmers Market | Info about 2018 season

Medford High School String Ensemble | Musical performance

NonZero Chance | Five-piece funk, blues, rock band

Notions Handcrafted Jewelry | Jewelry using semi-precious stones

Porch Jewelry | Fine and sterling silver enamel jewelry

Site #7: 2 Wolcott Park

Studio 2W | Photographic prints

Site #8: 10 Tontine Street

RECESS | Band trio performing standards to light rock

Site #9: 18 Circuit Street

Virginie Doh-Canada | Felt craft, African print handmade

Site #10: 20 Circuit Street

Free Fly Bindery | Bookbinding

Jennifer Hunter | Mixed media and collage with found objects

Site #11: 51 Harvard Avenue

Leili Towfigh | Hand-made ceramics, jewelry, and cards

Patricia Towfigh | Painting, prints, and cards

Site #12: 10 Boston Avenue

Marta Barletta | Plastic artist that works with acrylic

Sarah Gerould | Landscapes and narrative vegetables in oil, watercolor

Site #13: 66 Arlington Street

Erik Wilson | Handcrafted ceramics

Site #14: West Medford Community Center, 111 Arlington Street

Terry Carter | Poet and spoken word artist

Niels LaWhite | Hand blown glass vessels

Salil Wadhavkar | Photography

Site #15: 12 Fairfield Street

Ted Adams | Fiction and nonfiction, short- and long-form

Gauri Bhide | Cancer Patient guide book

David Chia | Short stories and essays

Site #16: 7 Fairfield Street

Katrin & Al Peterson | Live music on the porch

Site #17: 16 Sharon Street

Matthew Haberstroh | Mixed media, rope and chain link fence gates

Site #18: 9 Monument Street

Rita Ortolino-Dioguardi | Collage art

Amy Shinerock Pottery | Hand built and wheel thrown high fired pottery

Site #19: 20 Monument Street, #2

Jim Austin | Music jams

Site #20: 77 Monument Street

Devon Barrett | Framed photographs and postcards

Earl Howard | Hand made pottery

Celia Lee | Woven glass bead and metal jewelry

Site #22: 151 Sharon Street

Antrim Street Studio | Hand-dyed silk scarves, neck ties, accessories

Catherine Bastien | Mostly paper and books, sculpture

Insitu Imagery | Color photographic prints

Dominique Lecomte | Woodcuts, linocuts, photos, fotoprints, cards

Site #23: 133 Sharon Street

Cards by Cherry | Note cards

Kristi & Martha Furbush | Handcrafted jewelry

Pate Ceramics | Hand-thrown pottery in bright colors

Site #24: 125 Sharon Street

Irina Braun | Beaded jewelry

Site #25: 58 Holton Street

David J. Benyosef | Hand blown glass

Site #26: 105 Sharon Street

Audrey Stanwood | Unique jewelry from sea glass and other materials

Debbie Taylor-Smith | Silk scarves, flamework beads, fused glass, jewelry

Site #27: 128 Jerome Street, Jerome Street Studios

Fire Garden Pottery | High fire stoneware pottery to use and enjoy

Tanya Howard | Culinary demonstrations

KT Lane O'Brien | Sculptural oil and acrylic paintings

Occasional Brass & Strings | Versatile instrumentalists: classical, funk & rock

Tanya the Homestyle Gourmet | Cooking demonstrations

Peter Todhunter | Handmade fabric drawstring bags

Stephanie Todhunter | Mixed media artist

Amantha Tsaros | Acrylic paintings on canvas or panel

Site #28: 80 Harvard Avenue

Marilyn Davidson | Painting, drawing, collage

Peg Kane | Paintings, drawings, photocards, porcelain ornaments


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