Artist Statement

At the age of 9, with my mother at a church bazaar, I was captivated by a giant by the name of Fred Shumaker. A hippy clearly; in overalls, with long yellow hair pulled into the ubiquitous ponytail. Demonstrating on a potters wheel he invited me to a childs pleasure, playing in mud. Finally, in middle school I took my first pottery class. In high school, who should come to demonstrate but Fred! I still remember him asking do I have "old lady hands?" The answer was yes, therefore I was a potter.

I made pots for the next 7 years before leaving the Seattle area for college. After a BFA from Tufts/SMFA and a dozen years practicing as a sculptor, I lost my Allston studio due to a fire. With a strong need to recreate a life I could call mine, a door opened in my mind; I would take a class in Pottery. Fred was right -- I am a potter and I am home. After 3 years at Mudflat Studios and thanks to my friend and fellow potter, Stephanie Schorow, last year I set up a small basement studio in Medford.

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