Jamie Cascio is a resident artist at Brickbottom Studios in Somerville, MA. She was an educator for over ten years and is currently exploring photography full-time. She has participated in the Boston Fringe Festival, Brickbottom Open Studios, and several Brickbottom Artist Association member gallery shows. Her photography focuses on the shapes, aesthetic, and unexpected beauty of daily life through objects, places, and cultures. She looks forward to continuing to discover additional perspectives through this lens.

Artist Statement

What images come to mind when you think of the following places: Germany, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand? Each of these photographs is an attempt to represent the unique character of places through my lens. I am drawn to shapes, the intricacies and beauty of the ordinary, and the vibrancy of culture. Capturing the essence of a place through these themes is the focus of my photography. I was able to explore these concepts through my recent travels. Often we overlook the compelling, sacred moments in our daily lives and rituals as well as the environment around us. I hope these photographs inspire you to find beauty in the shapes, light, and places surrounding us-wherever we find ourselves.

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