An enthusiastic artist as a child and young adult, Jennifer Hunter put the practice aside when she chose to major in English. In 2007, at age 36, Jen attended a collaging workshop on a lark, and she has been making up for lost time ever since. She lives in West Medford with her partner and daughter. In her day job, she is a professional organizer at Find Your Floor. She has exhibited in West Medford Open Studios, the Medford Arts Festival, Arlington Open Studios, and the Arisia science fiction and fantasy convention. Her work has been sold at Magpie in Davis Square, Somerville. Photos of her art can be found at

Artist Statement

I use almost entirely found materials in my work. I enjoy the challenge of working with such limited choices, and I also love transforming turning potential landfill into something beautiful. The images come from magazines, calendars, and old books. I also like to employ found objects in wood, glass, metal, and occasionally plastic. My materials can come from anywhere; my organizing clients are a good source for interesting bits of junk. I used to only use items that were free, but I have started searching thrift shops and antique shows. I collect whatever items call to me, and then only later “shop” my stash to assemble a piece. In the past couple of years I’ve been branching out more into three-dimensional constructions. Each piece grows organically. I start with one or two elements, and add more as I feel inspired. I try not to glue anything until it feels right, and sometimes I just put everything back and start over. I love seeing how each piece comes together, and then it’s fun to share it with other people, so they can be just as surprised and intrigued by the final result as I was.

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