I create self-portraits by painting on different parts of my body with face paint and then photographing myself.

Many of my pieces are inspired by the natural world, and in particular by the ecology of the Middlesex Fells. My home is on the border of Medford and Winchester, near the Fells. You may notice familiar plants and animals alluded to in my self-portraits.

My educational background includes classes at MassArt, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Center for Cartoon Studies, and the Illustration Academy. Earlier in life, I completed my A.B. at Harvard College in the Comparative Study of Religion, and then my M.Div. degree at Harvard Divinity School.

I am always looking for new opportunities to bring art activities, including face and body painting, to community events and spaces.

Artist Statement

Combining body painting and self-portraiture is an intimate means of expressing and transforming myself. This work also provides a venue for me to explore the natural world and my relationship to it.

Through my art, I have shared my joy in discovering that a particular flower in the garden has finally bloomed, my awareness that summer is passing as I walk among aster and goldenrod, my longing for the beach on a cool autumn evening, my looking to the natural world for wisdom about surviving winter’s dark days, and my wonder at the soaring of birds as spring returns.

My home is on the Medford/Winchester border and I enjoy exploring my backyard and the nearby Middlesex Fells forest. Creating my art has increased my attentiveness to nature, resulting in inner as well as outer transformation. Some of the photographs are taken outdoors and incorporate natural settings. Other photographs are taken indoors, as living in New England during the colder months often entails yearning for the outdoors while being inside.

This artwork has also informed by the knowledge that humanity is both an integral part of the natural world and set apart from it by our disproportionately destructive impact. As an environmentalist, I continually seek another kind of self-transformation: to limit my own destructive impact as a consumer and to use art to advance climate justice. These images reflect a longing for greater harmony between myself and nature, but not necessarily the full realization of it.

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