Artist Statement

My first memories of clay are from Historic Cold Spring Village in New Jersey. Demonstrators threw pots on an old kick wheel while telling visitors how pottery was made during colonial times. The process fascinated me. It wasn’t until 2014 when I lived near Mudville Pottery in Somerville that I would get to finally try my hand at ceramics and I have been working in clay ever since. I now have a studio space at Mudflat Pottery in East Somerville and am a member of their tech staff. My work recently appeared in a juried exhibition at Pewabic Pottery in Detroit and will be included in the upcoming State of Clay exhibition. I also exhibit my work at Mudflat’s open studio sale and in private shows for friends and family. Recently I have started to expand my work in other directions such as wood firing at the New Hampshire Institute of Art’s wood kiln in Sharon New Hampshire.

My work is functional, decorative and meant to be used, whether for food, flowers or plants. I work primarily in stoneware clay and utilize a range of decorative techniques including layered slips and glazing with wax resist.

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