92 Monument Artists

92 Monument Artists xx

Ted Adams

Ted Adams xx

Antrim Street Studio

Antrim Street Studio xx

Devon Barrett

Devon Barrett xx

Gail Barry

Gail Barry xx

The Bead Lady

The Bead Lady xx

Beads by Beardslee

Beads by Beardslee xx

David J. Benyosef

David J. Benyosef xx

Irina Braun

Irina Braun xx

Laura Brereton + Raleigh Green

L Brereton + R Green xx

CACHE in Medford

CACHE in Medford xx

Cards by Cherry

Cards by Cherry xx

Cat Antics Studio

Cat Antics Studio xx

David Chia

David Chia xx

Sheila Corkery Jewelry

Sheila Corkery Jewelry xx

Darcy Art Studio

Darcy Art Studio xx

Marilyn Davidson

Marilyn Davidson xx

Hannah DeRusha

Hannah DeRusha and Friends xx

Virginie Doh-Canada

Virginie Doh-Canada xx

Elsecar by the Sea

Elsecar by the Sea xx

Richard Feigenberg

Richard Feigenberg xx

Fire Garden Pottery

Fire Garden Pottery xx

Fern Fisher Photography

Fern Fisher Photography xx

Kristi and Martha Furbush

Kristi and Martha Furbush xx

Sandra Golbert Art

Sandra Golbert Art xx

Lorena Gregor

Lorena Gregor xx

Matthew C Haberstroh

Matthew C Haberstroh xx

Handy Andy Creations

Handy Andy Creations xx

High Strung Reunion

High Strung Reunion xx

Francine Hiller

Francine Hiller xx

Robert W House

Robert W House xx

Earl Howard

Earl Howard xx

Tanya Howard

Tanya Howard xx

Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter xx

Insitu Imagery

Insitu Imagery xx

Maria Judge

Maria Judge xx

Peg Kane

Peg Kane xx

Patrice Kastenholz

Patrice Kastenholz xx

Adria Katz Ceramics

Adria Katz Ceramics xx

Ilana Kornblit

Ilana Kornblit xx

Ilana Kornblit

Rolf Larson Photography xx

Niels LaWhite

Niels LaWhite xx

Christopher Leary

Christopher Leary xx

Dominique Lecomte

Dominique Lecomte xx

Celia Lee

Celia Lee xx

Joseph Levesque

Joseph Levesque xx

Lotus and Star

Lotus and Star xx

MACI / MARV / Mystic Makerspace


Deborah MacFail Designs

Deborah MacFail Designs xx

Robert Marcellino

Robert Marcellino xx

Medford Farmers Market

Medford Farmers Market xx

Medford HS Fine Arts Dept.

MHS Fine Arts Dept. xx

Faith Milligan

Faith Milligan xx

Susan Murie Cyanotypes

Susan Murie Cyanotypes xx

Mustang Marching Band

Mustang Marching Band xx

Naabie Creations

Naabie Creations xx


Necy xx


Wendy Jo New Metal Designs xx

Notions Handcrafted Jewelry

Notions Handcrafted Jewelry xx

Occasional Brass

Occasional Brass xx

Tricia Ocock

Tricia Ocock xx

Onstage Dance Company

Onstage Dance Company xx

O'Riley Irish Dance

O'Riley Irish Dance xx

Rita Ortolino

Rita Ortolino xx

Peter Patalano

Peter Patalano xx

Pate Ceramics

Pate Ceramics xx

Al and Katrin Peterson

Al and Katrin Peterson xx

Porter Squares

Porter Squares xx

Ayakano Cathleen Read

Ayakano Cathleen Read xx

Ginny Remedi Designs

Ginny Remedi Designs xx

Allison Richards

Allison Richards xx

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts xx

Erica Nazzaro

Rock Man | Erica's Art xx

Royal Baby

Royal Baby xx

Rubber Biscuit

Rubber Biscuit xx

Stephanie Schorow

Stephanie Schorow xx

Amy Shinerock Pottery

Amy Shinerock Pottery xx

Simply Sassy Design

Simply Sassy Design xx

Singing Stones Jewelry

Singing Stones Jewelry xx

Lyasya Sinkovski

Lyasya Sinkovski xx

Spotlight Productions

Spotlight Productions xx

Audrey Stanwood

Audrey Stanwood xx

Taschen Quilts

Taschen Quilts xx


Textilelations xx

Stephanie Todhunter

Stephanie Todhunter xx

Angeline Tummino

Angeline Tummino xx

John Waite

John Waite xx

Erik Wilson

Erik Wilson xx

Elizabeth Zait

Elizabeth Zait xx

Site 1: 1446 Mystic Valley Parkway

Sandra Golbert Art | Jewelry, scarves, art in fiber, joomchi | Demonstration: 3pm Saturday

Textilelations | Quilts, wall hangings, sweater mittens, hand knits

Patrice Kastenholz | Water color and acrylic paintings

Ginny Remedi Designs: Jewels for the Journey | Spirited jewelry in several styles

Audrey Stanwood | Unique jewelry: sea glass, glass beads, crystal beads

Site 2: 1420 Mystic Valley Parkway

Singing Stones Jewelry | Handmade & restored antique & vintage jewelry & accessories

Angeline Tummino | Oil, acrylic, mixed media

Site 3: 124 Sagamore Street

Nina Lapchyk | Hand-painted silk scarves, hand-felted scarves, and jewelry

Rock Man Vintage Postcards and Erica's Art | Waterscapes and landscapes in pastel, ink; Rock Man vintage postcards

Wendy Jo New Metal Designs | Fine jewelry: precious metals, gemstone, lapidary, resin

Site 4: 11 Newton Road

The Porter Squares | Three-piece rock and roll band

Site 5: 145 Mystic Street

Robert Marcellino | Oil with beeswax

Site 6: Brooks School, 388 High Street

Gail Barry | Functional and decorative pottery

Beads by Beardslee | Hand crafted jewelry and beaded gifts

Cat Antics Studio | Woven wearable art prints, monotype cards

Lotus and Star | Handcrafted silver and enamel jewelry

MACI, MARV and Mystic Makerspace | Art supporting organization

Notions Handcrafted Jewelry | Unique, eclectic, hand-crafted jewelry

Faith Milligan | Mixed media, pastels, watercolor, gouache, other media

Andrew Novis | Paintings on canvas, painted woodcarvings

Tricia Ocock| Stoneware ceramic pottery

Brickbottom Leather Works | Custom turnings & leather works

Medford Farmers Market | Farmers market & community gathering space

Stephanie Schorow | Handcrafted clay figurines and pottery

CACHE in Medford | Community arts organization

Lyasya Sinkovski | Watercolor, drawing, art prints

Medford Fine Arts Department| Ceramics, mixed media sculpture

John Waite | Documentary photography

Site 7: Evangelical Haitian Church, 400 High Street

OnStage Dance Company | Dance: jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop

O'Riley Irish Dance | Irish dance (children)

Hannah DeRusha and Friends | Irish dance (adult)

High Strung Reunion | 6-piece acoustic bluegrass band

Spotlight | Youth theater program for children ages 8-18

Rubber Biscuit | Music for kids/adults of all ages

Ayakano Cathleen Read | Classical Japanese chamber music — koto, shamisen and voice

Site 8: 18 Circuit Street

Virginie Doh-Canada | Felt craft, African print handmade

Site 9: 20 Circuit Street

Ilana Kornblit | Cartoons and life drawings in ink and paint

Jennifer Hunter | Collage and assemblage with found objects; gouache

Taschen Quilts | Quilts, bags, and photography

Site 10: WMCC, 111 Arlington Street

Ted A. Adams | Writer/reader

David Chia | Short stories and essays

Maria Judge | Stories about childhood travels with 14 trunks

Rolf Larson Photography | Photography

Niels LaWhite | Hand blown glass vessels

Christopher Leary | Writing: memoir, essay, family story

Deborah MacFail Designs | Gemstone & jewelry with bit of vintage

Allison Richards | Landscape and nature photography

Gary Roberts | Poetry

Stephanie Schorow | Readings

Naabie Creations | African fabric wall decor pieces and photo frames

Elizabeth Zait | Oil, watercolor, sculpture, other visual media

Site 11: 66 Arlington Street

Erik Wilson | Handmade ceramics

Site 12: 16 Sharon Street

Matthew C. Haberstroh | Mixed Media

Site 13: 9 Monument Street

Rita Ortolino | Collage artist

Amy Shinerock | Stoneware pottery

Site 14: 7 Fairfield Street

Laura Brereton + Raleigh Green | Original folk/alt country music

Al and Katrin Peterson | Live music on the porch

Royal Baby | Rock und roll

Site 15: 86 Sharon Street

Lorena Gregor | Photography and mixed media

Robert W. House | Drawings and paintings in different media

Joseph Levesque | Mixed media on canvas or paper, woodworking

Site 16: Jerome St Studios, 128 Jerome Street

Fire Garden Pottery | High fire stoneware pottery to use and enjoy

Occasional Brass and Strings | Live music

Tanya the Homestyle Gourmet | Culinary demonstrations

Adria Katz Ceramics | Porcelain sculptural and functional ceramics

Susan Murie Cyanotypes | Cyanotypes

Sheila Corkery Jewelry | Handmade silver and gold jewelry

Darcy Art Studio | Textural abstract encaustic paintings

Stephanie Todhunter | Mixed media art

Site 17: 80 Harvard Avenue

Marilyn Davidson | Drawings, collage, mixed media

Peg Kane | Ceramics, paintings, collage, photocards

Site 18: 77 Monument Street

Devon Barrett | Framed photography and post cards

Elsecar by the Sea | Handcrafted natural bath, body, and home products

Earl Howard | Handcrafted stoneware and porcelain pottery

Celia Lee | Woven glass and metal jewelry

Site 19: 92 Monument Street, Apt 2

92 Monument Artists | Photography, drawing, painting, fabric art, violin!

Site 20: 124 Monument Street

Richard Feigenberg | Trash Art

Fern Fisher Photography | Photography

Francine Hiller | Drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage

Site 21: 151 Sharon Street

Insitu Imagery | Color photographic prints

Dominique Lecomte | Prints (woodcuts, linocuts), photos, cards, fotoprints

Antrim Street Studio | Hand dyed silk scarves, shawls, bow-ties & more

Site 22: 133 Sharon Street

Kristi & Martha Furbush | Handcrafted jewelry

Pate Ceramics | User-friendly hand-thrown pottery in bright colors

Cards by Cherry | Handmade note cards

Site 23: 125 Sharon Street

Irina Braun | Bead jewelry

Site 24: 58 Holton Street

David Benyosef | Hand blown glass

NECY | Acrylic on canvas

Site 25: 105 Sharon Street

The Bead Lady | Jewelry: pearls, semi-precious stones, mixed metal beads, chains

Simply Sassy Design | Fused glass, flamework beads & hand-painted silk scarves

West Medford neighborhood

Medford Mustang Marching Band | Kickoff performance


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