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Artist Statement

I began working in fibers more than 50 years ago as a child, when I designed and made dolls' clothes! Then I went on to design costumes and clothing for "real people", and in 1959, my designs appeared in Vogue magazine. Many of my debutants' and brides' dresses had intricate and personally designed beadwork. When I no longer lived in the US, I could not work as a "seamstress/designer" since I was considered an alien, so I began to put my fibers on the wall instead of the body, making embroidered and mixed-media wall hangings and sculptures.

I returned to beading again in 2000 when I was accepted in CowParade New York, and my life-sized cow, "La Mooochachka", was entirely covered in beads. La Moo sold at auction for $17,000 for children’s charities. From there, I was once again into beading and began creating one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces!

My beaded jewelry is constructed, bead by bead, in unique patterns and these may be found in several galleries and boutiques in the US and Caribbean, as well as on my website.

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