Ilana Hunter, age 18, has known that she wanted to make films since she first grabbed her mother's camera at age six to film home videos, and a writer since before she knew how to read (she would draw storyboards and narrate them). After receiving her high school diploma last year, she has been working out how to fulfill her dream of being a director and screenwriter. While she develops her illustration skills and plans film projects, she works part-time as a child care worker and petsitter. She also takes commissions, at very reasonable rates, for custom pencil and ink portraits and custom paintings. In June of 2018, she became the youngest member ever elected to the board of the Medford Arts Center, Inc. (MACI). Then, in December, she premiered her on-the-spot custom cartoon portrait service at Medford's Holiday Glow. WMOS 2019 is her first art show. Ilana lives in West Medford with her parents.

Artist Statement

Being an artist for me started with doodling in the margins of my schoolwork, and sharing the pictures with my classmates. Now that I'm out of school, I can focus more on my art and develop my skills. Usually I work in ink, digital, and pencil, but recently I've been getting into clay and painting. I've always been into cartoons and stylized art, but I've been trying to work on my drawing from life, too. Art is a form of therapy, a hobby and a profession for me. I would like to use the skills I learn in my dream of becoming a filmmaker.

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