Artist Statement

I am a freelance photographer based in Natick, MA. I quit my day job as a structural engineer in 2017 so that I could devote more time to photography. Since I made that decision, I have traveled to many amazing places in order to photograph them. I am grateful for the opportunity and challenge to see the beauty in these sites and to continue to develop my creative abilities.

Growing up in northern Minnesota gave me a love for the outdoors, which I think led me to my love of landscape photography. I also am fascinated by the challenges and opportunities of travel and street photography. And portrait photography is something that I have fallen in love with, partly because it gives me the opportunity to make connections with people that would not be otherwise possible.

I volunteer my time as a photographer to Family Promise Metrowest, which is a community-based response to family homelessness in the Metrowest area.

Mostly, however, I simply enjoy continuing to shoot so that I keep on learning.

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