Tricia Powles Ocock is an abstract figurative sculptor and potter from Philadelphia, PA. Interested in drawing and illustration from an early age, she left Philadelphia to pursue a degree in art at Houghton College, NY, where her focus shifted to figurative drawing and sculpture. In 2013 she graduated from the college as one of its three first recipients of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. She then went on to a six-month apprenticeship with potter Rocky Mann in Bar Harbor, ME, before moving to the greater Boston area to start her own studio practice.

Tricia's work has previously been shown in galleries across New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. It can also be found in private residences across the country. Tricia lives, creates, and occasionally collaborates with her husband Ethan in Malden, MA, and at the Clay School in Lynn, MA.

Artist Statement

My work explores the feelings of isolation and loneliness that have defined much of my life so far, feelings that I believe are - ironically - universal. We all feel alone together, and are searching for connection parallel to one another. I aims to evoke these feelings through my work with organic forms inspired by bones, shells, and the curves of the human body. The simplicity and familiarity of the forms is meant to draw viewers in and invite them to touch, to hold, to engage in an intimacy with the objects that can never be realized in the gallery setting.

​ The surfaces of my pottery touch on a different aspect of loneliness: the search for a place to belong, where we are quietly embraced for who and what we are without condemnation. Much of my pottery depicts maps of imagined worlds, maps of places that never were but could be. These pieces display the potential topography of a land that I might one day find, a place in which I can find rest from what feels like ceaseless wandering — a place that I will finally be able to call home.

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