Allie Richards is a professional photographer specializing in landscape, travel, portrait and wedding photography. She is also an instructor and partner of BlueHour Photo Ventures, a photo workshop and tour company operating across New England, The U.S. and abroad.

She has been photographing since age 13, and her trade has taken her to places like Iceland, Norway, The Faroe Islands, across Europe and the United States. She was awarded the Student Image Award in 2013 from the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, MA. She is also an avid print and web designer, and her talents are reflected in all of BlueHour's online and promotional materials.

Her approach focuses on 'telling the story' by capturing subtleties and minor details that when viewed together, create a more complete whole. Allie lives and works out of Marlborough, MA, has three cats, loves film and movies. She can be seen promoting and selling her work at art shows in New England, or chasing after couples on their wedding day.

Artist Statement

Allie uses many techniques to capture incredible landscapes across the United States and the world under the best conditions. She often uses long exposure and lowlight to create stunning images perfect for any living room or wall space.

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