Ted Adams and the Rules 4 Boys Collective

Outdoor installation


Ted Adams holds a BA from Syracuse University in Writing for Television, Radio, and Film and an MFA from Emerson College in Creative Writing. A board member of West Medford Open Studios, a past participant as a writer, photographer, and conceptual artist, Ted is happy to collaborate with a gaggle of youth artists (the Rules 4 Boys Collective) in the back yard of Jerome Street Studios where "Rules for Little Boys" first appeared.

Artist Statement

In 2017 "Rules for Little Boys" premiered at Jerome Street Studios. The series explored American society through the encounters of a boy (Kieran) thwarted by posted restrictions. The rules, either a daily illustration of the nanny state or a defensive marker of how litigious our society has become, were represented in a photo series printed on aluminum and mounted to sign posts. In 2020 the series' protagonist is on the precipice of high school graduation. Will the rules be enough? Can he count on the signs to be out there, to keep him from harm, and to keep him on the straight and narrow? #rules4boys

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