Antrim Street Studio

Hand dyed wearable silk


I have loved color and working with my hands since I was a child. During the years I worked as a psychologist, I continued to explore many media in fine art and crafts, working with collage, printmaking, and many fiber arts. I have always been drawn to working with textiles. When I learned to create pattern on cloth with Shibori techniques, I decided to try those methods on silk, and Antrim Street Studio was born. I have found great joy in balancing the precision required in Shibori dyeing with the improvisation of creating new designs and colors. I like creating work that is both beautiful and useful. I make pieces in a wide range of colors that look good on people of different ethnicities. It brings me great pleasure to help someone find the colors that make their face light up. I am committed to comprehensive energy and resource-saving practices in my studio: my electricity and hot water are derived from solar and wind.

Artist Statement

I hand dye silk scarves and shawls in a wide range of colors and designs, using Shibori techniques. My methods include folding and clamping shapes to the fabric, or wrapping the fabric around a pole or rope, before submerging the scarves in a liquid dye bath. My hand mixed color palette includes brilliant jewel tones, soft pastels, complex autumn tones and greys. The designs I create range from simple geometrics to complex layering of shapes, patterns with watercolor effects, and organic designs reminiscent of feathers, leaves, herringbone, pebbles and waves. Each individually made piece is colorfast and washable. The neck ties, bow ties and rosette pins and clips are hand cut and sewn. My studio has solar powered hot water and electricity.

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