Lindsey Caputo



Lindsey Caputo is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Medford, MA. After graduating from MassArt in 2017, Lindsey has been developing her studio practice at Jerome Street Studios as well as working towards her MFA in Studio Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. When she is not working or making art, Lindsey is practicing the tarot and reading Shirley Jackson novels.

Artist Statement

I frame my work as an exploration of the uncanny moments of the everyday such as, the buzzing of a distant AM/PM radio in an empty waiting room, or the flickering of a streetlight. Currently, I am using my body as a material in which to create video installations that reference darkness and finding meaning within the void. My work explores the unknown beyond the stories we tell ourselves. Using various interdisciplinary studio techniques, I attempt to document the moments I feel a chill up my spine.