Sue D'Arcy Fuller Photography



Photographer Sue D'Arcy Fuller's recent work centers on personal discovery.  Her photographs of maps frozen in ice recall a sense of adventure and the desire to slow down and appreciate the journey.

She has exhibited her work at the deCordova Museum Salon Shows, the Post Road Center for the Arts, Memorial Hall at the Cary Library in Lexington, MA, and the Griffin Museum of Photography. Sue was also the studio photographer for the full-length documentary AshBash: A love story, directed by Heidi Sullivan. The film is an award winner at the Boston International Film Festival and Woods Hole Film Festival.

Sue has studied photography at the deCordova Museum, Mass College of Art, Westchester Art Workshops, New England School of Photography, and the Griffin Museum of Photography.

Artist Statement

I miss maps.

There are so many wonderful technology innovations and conveniences that I have had the pleasure of enjoying, but paper maps remain beautifully simple to me.

This series of photographs represents my desire to preserve the sense of adventure and exploration I associate with maps. To recall what it feels like to lay the whole geography down in front of me and trace the contours of the rivers, mountains and roads instead of confining my imagination to the GPS app on my screens.

I treasure the times when families took the scenic route while the kids flashed the peace sign out the back window of the station wagon and when college students went hiking with nothing but a backpack and map in hand.

These maps are frozen to preserve a sense of adventure in the everyday, to remember that the journey is the destination and to go slow and take the detours.

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