Sarah Gerould

Oil and watercolor paintings, collage


I began painting in 1997, first in watercolors and then in oils. Throughout my life, I have sought mixes of art and the natural world. At Antioch College, I studied art, biology and geology. While pursuing an MS in entomology, I illustrated scientific manuscripts, and co-produced a video on Insects in the Arts. During and following my Ph.D. in environmental toxicology, my creative efforts focused on fiber arts: sweaters, rugs and table linens. I worked for U.S. Geological Survey, retiring as Chief of Staff in the Ecosystems Mission Area in 2015. I moved to the Boston area when I retired and settled in Medford to be close to my sister.

Artist Statement

My paintings are a window on our world; serious, humorous, grotesque and serene. They are an observation and a passion; an escape and a commitment. Some paintings use the whimsical expressiveness of vegetables to tell stories of the human condition. Some include poems or narratives, though I encourage viewers to find their own stories within the paintings. My landscapes and creatures are an escape back to places I've been, and a commitment to the natural world I love so well.

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