Jennifer Hunter

Found objects, assemblage, painting, drawing


Jennifer Hunter has always identified as an artist, but her love of the written word led to her first career as a writer and editor (see her books on Amazon). She then spent 15 years as a professional organizer. Becoming disabled due to ME/CFS in 2018 was a mixed blessing, as her art production increased in inverse proportion to her income. Her clutter-busting past lives on in the assemblages she makes from old client discards. In the past couple of years, she has been leaving her comfort zone to improve her skills in drawing and painting. She has exhibited in many open studios and shows in the Boston area, and has participated most years in WMOS. Jen is a member of the Medford Arts Center, Inc (MACI) and has served on its board. She lives in West Medford with her husband and daughter.

Artist Statement

Most of my work has been in collage and assemblage with found materials. I enjoy the challenge of working within limitations, and I also love transforming turning potential landfill into something beautiful. The papers come from magazines, calendars, old books and letters, anything that catches my attention. I like found objects in wood, glass, metal, and occasionally plastic, especially if they’re broken, worn, or patina-ed in some way. I will acquire small things from antique or thrift shops, from friends and Freecycle, and I will pick up bits of rusty metal from the sidewalk. I keep categories of items carefully sorted in my small home studio. Each collage or assemblage grows organically. I start with one or two elements, and add more as feels necessary. The final result often manages to be both a surprise and strangely familiar at the same time. I’ve recently begun taking classes in drawing and painting, and I’m excited to see how my new skills will transform my work.

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