MACI puts on member exhibitions and events throughout the year. We also host two major ongoing programs: MARV--the Medford Arts Resource Vehicle--and the Mystic Makerspace. MARV is an art center on wheels, bringing supplies and inspiration to neighborhoods all over Medford and nearby communities. MARV activities include art and crafts workshops, music/dance performances, pop-up films, even poetry slams. MARV takes art wherever the community calls us. It brings out the creativity, fun, and collaborative spirit in so many residents! The Mystic Makerspace is a collective source of tools, education and space geared towards community members ages 16-106; all classes are free, and range from quilting basics to 3D printing.

Artist Statement

MACI (the Medford Arts Center Inc.) nurtures creativity, supports artists and the arts, and works to reflect the diverse community of Medford (MA). We make art more accessible to all by removing barriers to participation and bringing programs into the community. We will be selling jewelry made at Mystic Makerspace classes, and small art from MACI artists.