Sepulchra Jewelry

Handmade, Art Deco inspired jewelry


I'm a one woman show, designing, sourcing materials, constructing, the works- and I love every bit of it! I've been using jewelry as a medium for my inspirations and daydreams for about 15 years. My very first job as a teenager was working in a local bead shop, and I've been starry eyed over gems, crystals, chains, metals, ever since.

For behind the scenes, my inspirations, and first peeks at new jewels follow @SepulchraJewelry on Instagram.

Artist Statement

Edgy, slightly bohemian, understated glamour. My work has grown out of endless inspirations from architecture, late 1800's/ early 1900's art and design, nature, and mythology.

Thoughtfully curated materials and components coupled with a meticulous attention to detail allows me to create delicate, yet well-made treasures that strike a cord with the wearer. Jewelry is a wonderful mechanism to connect to your body and sense of self, and I strive to create pieces that offer that connection to the wearer.

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