Will Tenney

A short story for all ages.


Will Tenney has lived in Medford for 25 years but grew up in California. After getting a degree in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, Will entered the publishing industry as a book designer, primarily concentrating on the design and production of educational materials for the classroom. He has worked as designer, design director, and art director for several publishing companies on both Coasts and has won many awards for book design. Known locally mainly as a photographer, his work has often been exhibited at WMOS and has appeared in many publications and in numerous private collections.

Artist Statement

A story of an exciting summer holiday for three kids and a boat. This short story developed out of a bed-time story extemporarily told to one of my children. Although not specifically a children’s story, the protagonist/storyteller reminisces about his childhood when he was about eight years old. The story can be enjoyed by anyone who has been a child at one point or another.