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I have been a photographer since my days in the Navy during the Cold War. From photographing locations and events in those days to visually narrating my kids' sporting events and family trips to getting to the woods and waters of New England to record images today, I have always tried to frame events and surroundings my way. I have discovered that wherever you are, paying attention to your own viewpoint while being aware of others' points of view not only makes you a better person but a better photographer.

Artist Statement

What recharges my battery is to get out to natural settings and explore ways to frame that world. Photography is choosing your frame of the world. What I may frame as a closeup someone else may include in a larger picture. My larger frame may include a small factor chosen to be framed by someone else. This is first, something I enjoy, and second, something I do to share. I hope that you enjoy my art, too.

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