Jacquelyn Fitzhugh



JlynFitz Pottery DBA Mud Dove Pottery

My creative journey began when I mostly worked with fabric. I made clothing for myself, upholstered furniture and designed children’s clothing. I even invented a terry cloth knee pad product for crawling toddlers just learning to walk: I called them Wee-Knees! Additionally, I excelled in culinary arts, too: catering, personal chef-fing, and developing a line of all natural sauces, which I both sold in stores and at a number of farmers markets. Many of the artistic expressions I developed with fabric and food now show up in my pottery in colorful designs, as well-balanced as any good meal should be. My pieces tend to be utilitarian as well; useful in any household. While studying at the Clay School in Lynn since 2018, I have been inspired by and learned from many wonderful potters and teachers. As a result I have progressed quickly. My first show was in 2019 at the Lydia Pinkham Open Studios. Now each day I continue to joyfully work at perfecting my craft. I hope you will journey with me, as I experiment with color, shapes and sizes, while searching for my potter's voice.

Artist Statement

Exploring color, form and clay bodies.

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