Fury Wren

Handmade items and lovely paintings


Fury Wren is the creative collaboration of two very cool, trans, disabled, Jewish, and queer siblings, Ghost and Dorian Rosen. Ghost is a multimedia crafter always picking up new arts and skills. Dorian is a painter specializing in abstract expressionism. Since 2020, we’ve shared our art with the world under the banner of a little songbird with angry eyebrows.

Artist's Statement

Dorian +/- A Rosen is an abstract painter with an eye for vivid colors and mesmerizing patterns. Ghost Rosen makes weird and precious objects — home goods, such as rainbow trash cans and funky fridge magnets; fiber crafts, such as quilted coasters, needle-felted figurines, and sparkly yarn; and Judaica, such as handspun tzitzit and kippot, just to name a few. Together, we're Fury Wren!

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