GossCraeft Pottery

Handmade functional stoneware studio pottery


"Stephen Goss said he likes to step in mud. But he wouldn't touch it with his hands. (He) would like to end the mud season with minimal fanfare." -The Rockingham County Gazette, Derry Edition – March 19, 1980

A lot has changed since then. My first formal pottery class was in college about 25 years ago with further sporadic studies while living in NYC to fill my longing for mud. Five years ago I began attending classes at Mudflat Pottery School to expand my skills, and this past year I have been working on building my home studio in Fulton Heights as I continue to find my way with clay.

Artist Statement

I make wheel-thrown and hand-built functional pottery with the emphasis on the tactile and the intention of contemplation, while exploring the Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi, mono no aware, and shibusa. The objects made by my hands should feel right in yours, unique vessels from which to eat and drink while pondering life, the universe, and everything. Or simply enjoy a nice hot cup of tea.

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