Matthew Haberstroh

Temporary Rope Installation on Chain Link


Artist Living in West Medford. I grew up in Southern California, and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA 82) and Stanford (MFA 85). I took a bite out the Big Apple for six years, where I showed at alternative galleries. After having studios in San Francisco and New York in 1998 I moved to West Medford near the Mystic River.

Artist's Statement

I have been exploring concepts of form and materiality in works of rope on repurposed chain link fence gates. The color of the material is important to me and situates the pieces between painting and sculpture. The ropes wrap, tie, and bunch on the creating surprising fabric topologies. In using these materials, I see them hovering in an industrial and minimal rubric with concerns for form, space, rhythm, tension, and balance of the materials. I find that these materials bring out a bit of delight in craftsmanship unhampered by perfectionism. They steer me towards an informed layered concept but not academic.

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