Digital and traditionally-painted illustrations


Art runs in the family, so it was no surprise I began creating as soon as could hold a crayon. I've been through some dark times and art was my only outlet. I struggled through school, not because I didn't get good grades, but because the education system is not built to encourage creativity or people who learn differently. It eventually led to me leaving high school to get my GED and I've been taking some time off to focus on myself, my future, and my art. I've been going back and forth on college, but I know that whatever I end up doing, creating will always be my motivation.

Artist Statement

I mostly work in illustration, but I have a passion to explore every medium I can get my hands on. Art used to be a hobby and a way of expressing my feelings, but now it is an intrinsic part of me. I'm not myself when I'm not creating. I have a very vivid imagination and making art is the closest I can get to sharing it, other than plugging my brain into a screen. I love the emotions I can elicit with just an image: wonder, humor, curiosity. I want to jumpstart the viewers imagination.

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