Lagniappe Arts & Crafts

Block printing & mixed media


I’ve lived in South Medford since 2003 and have always had a love of art and making; however, it wasn’t until my consulting business went on a Covid hiatus that I began selling my work.

As a southern transplant, I was raised in Louisiana, I never could have anticipated the hospitality I've found here, both in MA and specifically Medford. This has been an fabulous journey & I love that there is an abundance of community support.

Artist Statement

My linocut work began with inspiration of women's fashion photos and breaking down those visuals to simple lines redefining their identity. I’ve referred to them as lino ladies, or nasty women, depending on your bent. The process drawing of their faces and then carving away the unwanted bits truly becomes a metamorphosis for me and them.

The carving process then led me to create my own images and stamps for mixed media and collage pieces. I find that I work best when just letting myself play with the colors or materials.

And that last bit led me to creating some hand painted earrings and pendants which are very much a reminder that not taking ourselves too seriously is a soul salve.

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