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Introducing the one and only, Lanecya 'Momma Spice' Callahan, a self taught artist from Massachusetts, that travels to create all over the world. “I do what I do for the little girl named Necy, who always knew she would be somebody important, regardless of her circumstances. I create to fully embrace my divine femininity. I create because I love the freedom of being an Artist.” Spice states that art is a progressive sport that allows you to grow every time you practice. Spice is excited and inspired by the constant self-discovery and the endless journey of inner and outer exploration that working with art entails. "I love finding new things out about myself every day and all the healing, healing, healing that takes place. It allows me to explore my sexuality, my spirituality, my artistic abilities, all while providing an abundance of prosperity to live how I desire."

The first artistic influence she recalls is writing her own newspaper, for her "Nunny and her girlfriends," when they would take Spice and her little cousins to Maine. "Taking the ferry to the island in the car was such a cool experience." Then, she started to write poetry in the fifth grade and loved it! "I had to do a whole bunch of little poems for a class project and haven’t put it down since." She started to draw in the eighth grade and went super heavy into poetry all throughout high school. A short time after graduating Matignon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Spice enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. "I know what you’re thinking… not a very "creative" job. But, I had a plan and when I make up my mind, there is NO convincing me otherwise." At the end of her limited time in the military, she discovered painting as a way of coping with PTSD. And yep, you guessed it, just like poetry from the fifth grade, she got a taste for it and has been laying down strokes ever since. "When I started painting, I really just started to work on myself. It was important to me to learn more about my spirituality and dive headfirst into this new life as a creator. It's brought true freedom to my life and the confidence and beauty that I used to dream of as a kid. Art changes your perspective." Spice says that when she was younger, she used to idolize people and have super heroes, until she realized that she was the one she was "looking" for the whole time. “My art changes as I do and I’m so thankful to all of the loyal supporters that have loved and supported me through it all.Lately, Spice has been exploring resin, clay sculpture, and a little bit of sewing. She mainly focuses on acrylic, gouache, and oil pastels. Spice loves to mix medias and add poetry in special ways to any piece it fits. Spice took some drawing classes at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, along with a creative writing class (which she boasts was her favorite). No surprise there. Spice hosted her first sip and paint as the featured artist in 2018. Spice was featured in 2018 Concept Art Manhattan, Boston Artweek 2019, and Medford Open Studios 2019 and 2021. Spice was also a featured artist, in an article, from the Paperbark Literary Magazine, and is now currently exhibiting her original piece “Ride the Wave” at Homefront Mass General hospital in Boston, MA. Momma Spice continues to fill the world with her beautiful spirit, energy, and creativity. She continues to serve up the hottest work of the century with that thought provoking Spice we love and desire!

Artist's Statement

I make art for the woman I know I’ve always been. Divine, strong, and beautiful. I make art to embrace the freedom in my own truth. My art represents my experience as a black woman, continuously discovering her inner power, the magick I see in the world, and the creativity I have to contribute. Freedom inspires me. It motivates me to create and continue to co-create the life I desire, with the Universe. Nature, luxury, the elements, self-discovery, and Spirit are what inspire me and my creations. I make art through emotion or intuition. Whatever the emotion, whenever inspiration downloads, it’s time to create, write, sketch; etc. I just go with the flow. I paint it or draw it, then that inspires what I write or vice versa. The process is so fun and makes being an artist so enjoyable. From idea to fruition, it is an adventure. The destination may not always be where you intended, but the journey is always well worth the trip. My art is my open diary to the world. My art are little extensions of me that hold energy of the capital G in Goddess, Spice, herself. In my art, you will feel the energy and dedication I put into creating every piece. No matter how small a sticker or how large a mural, you will feel my presence, you’ll feel that kick of special spice, that always keeps you coming back for more!

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