J Pullman Art

Acrylic painting


Jacky has been painting, drawing and creating for most of her adult life. Since retiring from her day job, teaching English as A Second Language at a private school in Boston, she has been painting full time. Jacky, and her husband Jake, have also spent the last thirty years renovating their home and investment properties - another creative outlet! She now devotes most of her time to painting, enjoying her grandchildren, and traveling.

Her work has been exhibited and sold at Arlington Open Studios, Brickbottom Open Studios, ARTSI (Shelter Island Open studios), Roasted Granola Café in Arlington, and C’Mere Gallery in New Orleans.

Artist's Statement

Over the years I’ve gone from acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, soft pastel drawing, and now I’m back to acrylic paintings. After a career of teaching English language in Boston, I am now happily painting full time.

I have spent a great deal of time living and travelling in Latin American. The beauty of the markets, the produce, flowers and wares have always attracted me and have become a theme in many of my pieces.

We have also been spending most of our summers for the past 30 years on Shelter Island, NY. Most of my landscapes come from the North Fork of Long Island and Shelter Island.

Repurposing frames found in thrift stores and yard sales, along with old discarded windows sometimes inspire the size and shape of my canvas.

During these past quarantined pandemic years I have felt very fortunate to have my garden and painting studio to find solace and inspiration. I hope you enjoy my efforts!

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