Amy Shinerock Pottery

Clay. Needle felting


Amy has been working at her craft since the 1970's. She received an M.A. in Ceramics from City College of New York, ran a pottery gallery and school in Brooklyn for several years, and traveled to Japan where she learned about Japanese wood firing techniques. She returned to the U.S., built a wood fired kiln, concentrated on making Japanese tea ware, and has had several one-person shows in New York City. In the 1980's family life eclipsed her ceramic work until doing therapeutic work in clay with people with disabilities brought her back to pottery. Her work continues to be strongly influenced by traditional Japanese pottery.

Centering a piece of clay is a metaphor for an approach to one's whole life; an activity of inner stillness and attention that yields beauty. These vessels are created out of this intention, and with this there is also the hope that they can impart to those that receive them moments of stillness and peace. Amy now works from a pottery studio in her home in Medford, Massachusetts.