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Gail Barry
Site #7
Brooks School, 388 High Sreet
(entrance on Allston Street)

Stoneware clay


  • Have lived in Medford since 1979
  • By day, work as a Physical Therapist in Early Intervention with children birth to three and their families
  • 14 years ago expanded interest in clay by beginning an association with Mudflat Studio in Somerville as student, volunteer, and studio monitor
  • Interests center around form and throwing techniques, altering thrown forms, and hand building
  • Taken a variety of classes and workshops with Mudflat Studio staff and visiting artists including Gay Smith, Adero Willard, Wayne Fuerst, Lynn Gervens, Cary Atsalis, Hoay Cheah, Gabrielle Fougere, Monica Ripley, Cary Joseph, Nick Seidner, Keith Kreiger, Phil Rogers and Nick Joerling
  • Fire most work to cone 10 in gas reduction or oxidation kilns at Mudflat Studio
  • Participated in several raku firings, Bob Green at Snow Farm & David LaPierre at Codman Farm in Lincoln and pit firings.
    Participated in Soda Firing Workshop with David Orser
    Pots are mostly functional, but experiment with sculpture and decorative pots with raku and pit firings
    Display and sell pots at the Mudflat Gallery in Porter Square, Cambridge for the past two years & have participated in West Medford Open Studios for the past 3 years. Have recently begun to sell pots at Hourglass Gallery in Melrose
    Six years ago created a clay studio at home
    Continue to strive to improve techniques and develop a “voice” in clay

Artist Statement
I think I have been in love with clay my entire life.  I have cherished childhood memories of making mud and berry stews or trying to fabricate a nest of mud and sticks that the birds would use.  I continue to try to discover my “voice” in clay, but find I have too much to say!  My pots vary in form size, shape, color and function. I am continuing to refine my throwing skills, but find that I am incorporating hand building techniques as I alter shapes.  I have been attempting to conquer the oval and most recently the square by combining thrown and hand built parts.  While I have strong roots in creating functional pottery, I am fascinated with the excitement of Raku and Pit firing techniques which yield a more porous and decorative pot.  I derive joy not only from creating pots, but also from the pleasure of knowing that others appreciate and will use them.  I welcome feedback and critiques about my pots as I travel on my journeys with clay! Feel free to contact me at: gbarr6@Juno.com or 781-396-3438.