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David Bouchard

David Bouchard

David Bouchard
Site #2
5 Gorham Road

Encaustic on paper: abstract & expressive

Delusion is a pitfall when you take something too seriously.  I just hope I’m not completely delusional because I take my art very seriously and have for nearly fifty years.  For me the process of creating and then experiencing my paintings is more useful than religion and deeper then therapy.  It is my means of appreciating and understanding life and of changing and growing as a person.

I think of my paintings as felt symbols that express the nature of life as I try to understand it.  My medium is encaustic (hot wax) on paper.  My works are mostly assemblages of various sized abstract pieces.  I think that this technique accurately expresses the fragmented nature of life as I experience it, and it allows me to incorporate more of life in a single painting.

I studied at Queens College in NY, completed a BA at Goddard College in Vermont, and continued with graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

web site: http://davidbouchard.net/

Gallery: Galatea Fine Art, 460 Harrison Ave, Boston MA 02118