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Rosemary Campobasso

Rosemary J. Campobasso
Site #7
Brooks School, 388 High Street
(entrance on Allston Street)

Oil, watercolors, pastels, acrylics

I was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I currently live in Medford, Massachusetts.  I have lived in the Boston area all of my life.  I love traveling and thus my soul was awakened to do some artwork.

I first took various art classes when I was a child and worked on drawings and watercolors.  As an adult I have taken classes and workshops in the Boston area and Nantucket Island.  I work in oils, watercolors, acrylics, and drawing in charcoals and pastels.  I love working in all the mediums, but prefer oils.  I love to observe well-known artists paint in order to learn new techniques.  Observing other artists in New England and other parts of the country and Europe has been a wonderful inspiration for me.

At this time, I would like to share some of my paintings as an extension of my expressions in the form of art.  I enjoy painting what I like.  For example, I enjoy painting the landscape sceneries, still life, and animals.  It’s wonderful to re-create and capture a place and time in nature.  I’m inspired by the natural elements that surround us, and use my shapes and vibrant colors to produce my style of painting.  For still life, I compose fruits, vegetables and flowers in my studio.  I thoroughly find it exciting in color mixing to formulate my own formula.  It’s rewarding to create my own composition that expresses my love of the subject.  I love the diversity of painting different subjects.  For years, I was focused in still life, but I believe that as a curious artist, I wanted to expand my horizons as a way to express myself and develop my skills.  Without this flexibility, art would take on a different meaning.