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Peter and Kevin Long
Site #10
534 High Street

Works in canvas & plywoods; collaged landscapes

Kevin Long

Kevin Long has a BFA in Studio Education/Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. He was born in Pembroke, MA. He has exhibited at several venues around Boston, most recently at the State Transportation Building as part of the "Emerging Artists in Massachusetts," and Lincoln Art Projects in Waltham as part of their show titled "Conflict."

Artist Statement
Life in the city is subject to constant urban renewal and reconstruction. This creation of a new space first requires the destruction of the previous one. The place where someone was born gives way to a new building where someone else starts their first job. The place where someone got mugged becomes the place where children go to school. All these new places that seem so artificially placed grow into the fabric of the city in time. Causing and resulting from these changes in surroundings, the character of a neighborhood and its people changes. Spaces that were filled become empty. Spaces that were empty become filled.

In my work these spaces intermingle and collide. Churches, houses, stores, and hospitals fight for space in the limited space of the rectangle. At some points they fuse and create new structures. At other times they over lap and negate each other destroying the integrity of one or both structures.

Peter Long

Peter Long is originally from Pembroke Massachusetts. In 2008 he received a BFA with a concentration in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. In the spring of 2007, he attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as part of the AICAD mobility program.

His work was recently part of "Emerging Artists in Massachusetts" in the Transportation Building in Park Plaza, Boston.

Peter is available for freelance work and can be contacted at via email at peterlongart@gmail.com

For online portfolio please visit http://PeterLongArt.tumblr.com