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Allison Nutting
Site #17
42 Monument Street

Oil paintings on wood panel

Allison Nutting is currently studying Art Education at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Allison has recently begun a series of mini gouache cityscape paintings.

Artist Statement
I am interested in figuring out fresh ways to make a visual record of what I see by translating it through my own lens onto a 2D surface. Part of this translation incorporates intense looking and scrutinizing my visual field. This translation is forced to be done while "in the moment" that prompts a constant sense of urgency due to the subject matter's time constraints.

This work becomes symbolic of disconnection and the incomplete. To capture a landscape that is in constant flux exposes us to our relationship with permanence and impermanence. Being in the open air surrounded by the spaces own elements and then paired with the physicality of the paint becomes a sensuous encounter within a visual laboratory of resonating colors, lines, and shapes.

View work here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/luckyiguana