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Naomi Pierce
Site #4
25 Wolcott Street

Beaded jewelry

Naomi has lived in West Medford since 1999. After a 20-year career as a graphic designer, she took a full-time job as marketing communications manager at Second Wind, a manufacturer in the wind power industry. Her son Sean attends the McGlynn School.

Besides being a prolific baker (known locally as the Scone Lady), Naomi plays drums for the Sugar Shakes, a local R&B band, and is a student of the jazz drummer Sergio Bellotti. Naomi has been putting the website and map together for West Medford Open Studios since 2007.

Of her beaded jewelry, she says: "My jewelry-making habit was born of insomnia. When friends found out I made jewelry, they started giving me broken and discarded pieces. I used to be a snob about materials, only wanting to make things out of semi-precious stones and sterling silver. Now I love the idea of combining a clay pendant that one friend gave me with a bunch of costume pearls from someone else. I have a very few costume pieces from my grandmother and some of those beads creep into my work. Occasionally I'll throw in a bird feather or some hardware. I think about color and texture, and also about the meanings of the materials - where they came from, who gave it to me, what people say about a certain kind of stone. It's not great art, but it's wearable and it will look pretty on you."

If Naomi gets enough jewelry done by Open Studios, there will be scones at Site #4.