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Red Cat Jewelry
Site #7
Brooks School, 388 High Street (entrance on Allston Street)

Beaded and glass jewelry

Hi, our names are Talia Andreottola, Daria Eshelman, and Rebecca Chin.  We are in eighth grade and live in Medford.  We founded our beading business, Red Cat Jewelry, in 2009.  The name Red Cat jewelry is an acronym of our first and last initials.  RED for Rebecca, Eshelman, and Daria and CAT for Chin, Andreottola, and Talia.

We have been making jewelry ever since we were little, and we used to sell our artwork outside our homes whenever we had a playdate.  Those memories of when we were younger inspired us to create our own business.  At first we didn't use top quality beads, and we weren't quite familiar with many techniques.  As we experimented more and more, we came up with new ideas and used better materials.

This is our second year selling our work at West Medford Open Studios.  We have worked hard and succeeded in creating a business that sells both creative and affordable jewelry.  We are so grateful for this opportunity and we would like to thank everyone at WMOS for allowing us to participate.  We would also like to thank our sisters, Kira and Gabrielle, and our parents for helping and supporting us.

Artist Statement
When you really enjoy something, go ahead and do it.